On March and April 2014 we organized our customer conventions across Greece. The conventions took place in Athens, Patras, Heraklion, Ioannina and Thessaloniki and 200 participants honored us with their presence. In each convention our executive sponsors, Valeo and Cosan (Comma) presented its new products. We had also a session related to the Marketing and the way that Multipart inserts new products and brands to the market. The day also included discussions around the Auto Market and After Market trends, the practices that Multipart followed during the years of the crisis as well as other topics related to our market. Mr. Arnaud Malherbe honored us with his participation and presentation of the new Valeo products, the Comma presentation and Multipart’s marketing methodology presented by our Marketing Manager Mr. Ioannis Skandalis. Mr. Petros Syfalakis, our company’s General Manager analyzed the Greek Market, the commercial policy presented by Mr. Ioannis Karamitros our Commercial Manager and finally our President Mr. Ioannis Condellis summarized the challenges of our market. We closed each day with a relaxing dinner with our customers.

Athens - Thessaloniki 27th & 28th March 2013 Seminars DENSO


On March 27th and 28th 2013 a training for the sales and marketing department of Multipart was conducted in Athens' central office and Thessaloniki respectively. The topics covered by this training concerned Denso’s After Market Product Protfolio. The training was performed by Mr. Marios Gerogiannis, assistant manager, After Market products Denso International Europe accompanied by Mr. Yiannis Fronimakis, Denso’s Area Representative for Greece and Cyprus. Mr Gerogiannis presented Denso's current After Market portfolio as well as new solutions that exist or are about to be launched in the near future. The training was attended by approximately 30 sales and marketing employees having as primary objective their further development towards better customer support. Denso is one of the key players in the area of technological solutions provided in the Automotive industry. Denso has numerous ΟΕ applications and is now expanding its product portfolio in the After Market area

Crete 13th September 2011 Seminar A/C VALEO


A seminar was held on 13th of September, 2011 in a central hotel of Heraklio, Crete. The topic of this seminar was the A/C of Valeo and there was an impressive participation and a keen interest from the majority of the local workshops.Furthermore, very remarkable was the input of young professionals who had  an intense presence not only by questioning the instructor of Valeo, Mr. Sot. Alexiou but also with their knowhow of the advanced vehicle technology.The seminar was a cooperation of Valeo with Multipart and its distributors in Heraklio and Lasithi

Germany 22nd-25th July 2011


Despite the difficult circumstances in the Greek market, for one more time, we organized in cooperation with TRW an exceptional incentive trip in the world of Formula 1 in the Nurburgring race track accompanied by 45 partners.During our visit we had the opportunity to make a tour in the city of Cologne, the Museum of chocolate and on Sunday we all attended an unforgettable Formula 1 race.

Netherland 8th-10th October 2010


A select group of partners traveled to Amsterdam,Netherlands for a visit to the premises of our supplier "Nipparts",having the opportunity to be guided not only to Nipparts' facilities but also beautiful  Amsterdam and in the modern football stadium of Ajax,(Amsterdam Arena).

Romania 24th-27th September 2009


Continuing the tradition of successful trips,we visited Romania in 2009,after a tour in the picturesque Bucharest we traveled to the Carpathian Mountains where we guided in several castles,discovering the beautiful scenery of the inland in combination with very good food and music.

Germany 20th-23rd September 2007


In Germany,we visited the impressive showroom in Frankfurt with a group of 58 associates.The trip included seminars for TRW products and SKF,kart racing course and tours in the beautiful city of Frankfurt.

Hungary 22nd-25th September 2005


In 2005,we had another leisure trip with 63 of our best partners in beautiful Hungary,as part of our effort to deepen our business relationships to a personal friendship. 

Monza 11th-14th September 2003


To escape a little from the routine of work and to know each other better,we organized a 4days trip to the F1 Grand Prix in Monza with 60 of the best partners,who had the opportunity to discover the ammazing world of F1 and touring the beautiful Northern Italy.

Serres 19th October 2002


A nice cold afternoon in 2002,many of our partners had the opportunity of driving the Ford Puma WRC car of Multipart in Serres circuit and learn the secrets of racing.