On June 16th, 2000, Condelli group of companies and the shareholders of N. Linardos SA entered into an agreement for the full acquisition of the latter by the J.E. Condellis S.A.. MULTIPART S.A. was designated as the name of the company which also states its main activity. The history of both companies dates back a long time: The company J. E. Condellis S.A., a member of the group of companies of Condellis, has been active since 1919 in the field of automobiles, agricultural machinery, trucks, tires, heavy vehicles and the distribution of spare parts.


The object of our company is the management and distribution of 120 thousand different spare parts codes. With a stock worth approximately € 7,500,000, we provide full coverage of the needs of our customers in Greece and North Macedonia.

The company's headquarters are located in Elefsina on a privately owned plot of 50 acres (50,000m2) on the new national road of Athens - Corinth. The central warehouse 15,000 m2 configured on 3 levels, provides all the specifications of an advanced spare parts logistics activity. The 4 branches, in Attica, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Heraklion of Crete, play a decisive role in customer service. The company operates in the Republic of Northern Macedonia through the company Multipart D.O.O. and is headquartered in Skopje.

Multipart SA is a member of Group Auto International . It is one of the largest buying groups (ITG'S) based in Paris with a presence on 4 continents and a turnover of up to 3.2 billion euros.

In the field of computerization we use one of the most advanced computer systems, Oracle's J.D.Edwards, which ensures:

  • Online invoicing, imports, orders
  • Warehouse  Management
  • On-line connection with supplier branches
  • On-line connection with our customers with the possibility of multiple benefits
  • Daily-weekly-monthly-annual results.

Our goal is to constantly evolve to higher levels of service, applying fast and efficient methods of product distribution, providing high quality services.