Multipart’s objective is the continual development of logistics services in the automotive spare parts sector and training through a state of the art data processing.

Multipart is one of the leading companies in importing, trading and distributing spare parts in the Greek market having as fundamental principles not only to provide direct  and rapid services to the customers’ network but also a wide and complete product range.
Multipart employs  120 workers  with warehouse capacity of 20.000m2 by means of  6 branches in Greece.
The company is involved  in 5 different spare parts activities:
  •  After market mechanical spare parts  exclusively from manufacturers of first equipment spare parts who supply directly the automotive industry.
  •  After Market Body parts for the total of car park.
  •  Original (OE) Daihatsu spare parts having the authorized distribution, through our group, of Daihatsu brand for Greece and Bulgaria.
  • Original (OE) Mahindra spare parts having the authorized distribution, through our group, of Mahindra brand for Greece.
  • On behalf of "TOYOTA Hellas S.A." we administrate as 3PL the spare parts and the accessorize for Toyota PDI. 
Multipart can provide a wide range of spare parts for all vehicles European ,Japanese, Korean-, in the most competitive prices. In addition, on account of the well-organized and qualitative services that the company provides , the orders are filled promptly and shipped all over the country.
Multipart’s intention  is the elaboration  of logistics spare parts services of international standards in combination with an advanced  data processing service.
Thus,you can find any kind of spare parts you are looking for, enjoying at the same time the best customers service and support.